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Newsletter 2013



A Message From the Director
It’s fall again, cool weather and time to think about Ice Skating.
 The staff and I are looking forward to another season of fun and learning. 

Randall School of Ice Skating
200 Oakwood Avenue
Troy, NY 12182


Skatelady10@yahoo.com For a Map see website

Annual Registration Open House
October 5, 2013

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

It's a great opportunity to meet our staff and receive information regarding our many programs for this season. If unable to come, email for an appointment.

This is the best time to pre-register and have your skates checked for proper fit.

The enrollment fee is $125.00 for five weeks of lessons payable in advance.

See Special Offer.

A table will be provided for the sale and purchase of used skates, etc. - so come
early and bring your used equipment with you.


Skate Sale

This year R.S.I.S. is privileged to provide Sasha Cohen Boots by Klingbeil.  The finest bootmaker in the U.S.   R.S.I.S. is sponsoring a Fall Skate/Blade Sale 10% OFF all Riedell & Sasha Cohen Klingbeil boots and 10% OFF all MK and John Wilson Blades.
Sale Ends November 30, 2013


Students registering for 10 consecutive weeks of lessons are eligible to purchase new skates at a deep discount when registering for the above 10 consecutive weeks.  Ask Beth or email for discounted rates.


To save $45.00, purchase 3 - Saturday Sessions Oct. 12th to Feb 15th. for $330 (Regular Price $375)

Must be paid by Oct.26th.

To RSIS Registered skaters:  Register a friend and receive 10% off your 1st series of lessons.

In addition, register and Group of 2, 3 or more new customers and they also will receive 10% off their 1st.  5 week series of lessons.


R.S.I.S. Policies


Only one lesson can be made up per semester, due to illness.  You must (preferrably by email) notify our office at lease 24 hours prior to your lesson if you will not be attending class.

All make-up lessons must be taken during the week following the missed lesson (at a time other then your regularly scheduled lesson).

All applications must be filled out completely, and signed prior to each five-week session.

This year, as in the past, all re-enrollments will be done by mail.  Please be sure to send your application at the conclusion of your third week.  This will ensure that your class space is held for you.

I.S.I. Membership

Membership in the I.S.I. includes an accident insurance policy and one year subscription to “Recreational Ice Skating” magazine, as well as participation in all I.S.I. programs.   Registered skater   I.S.I fee - $15.00  Sept. 1st - Aug 31st

Join on the web: www.skateisi.com


ISI competitions are recreational and fun for toddlers to adults of all ages. Even if you are a beginner, competition is a rewarding and educational experience.  Anyone who has passed their Tots/Pre-Alpha test is eligible to enter.  There are always new friends and experiences at a competition.

If you are interested in entering any competitions this year, you must make sure that your “I.S.I.” membership is current.

Private Lessons

The complete program includes a once per week class at R.S.I.S. for physical and skill development! In addition, Big Figure plus a semi-private or private lesson to learn your program (to be used for testing, competing or performing in exhibitions).

Private lessons time is available for programs, “moves in the field”, etc. starting September 16th. We are currently setting up Private Lesson Schedule for the Knick Rink Monday - Friday and R.S.I.S. Rink on Sundays.  Sign up now if you previously had a time slot to keep it.  New students will be first come first serve.  Please email to:  skatelady10@ yahoo.com with the 1st and 2nd preference for day and time of day.

Dates To Remember

October 5, 2013 Open House Registration

October 12, 2013 Class Begins

November 30, 2013 Skate Sale Ends

Jan. , 2014 I.S.I. Annual Lake Placid Competition (Date to come)

Feb 6-9, 2014 NYS Empire Winter Games 

March 15, 2014 Competition 

July 28- Aug 2, 2014 World Competition in Boston

Randall School Staff
 Director: Beth Randall


Ice Skating, Skate Lessons in Troy, NY

And many volunteer helpers.

Equipment Sales


R.S.I.S. has the supplies that you will need for the upcoming skating season.  Boots and Blades fitted by appointment; and skating apparel are special ordered, white polish, lace guards, boot covers, etc. are available at R.S.I.S..

We also do expert sharpening on the premises.

Power Skating

Hockey players who would like to improve their skills.

Weekly Classes
Individual Skills Development
Prepare for Winter Hockey

Contact Dave Randall’s North American Hockey Systems, Inc.  518-272-7759 or sales@myhockeyskills.com